How Often Should You Clean Your Windows

Commercial window washing in St. Paul, MN, is critical to keeping your building in top shape. Not washing your windows can lead to many problems, from health issues for your employees to discouraging customers from entering your building. The question that many business owners wonder is how often should windows be washed in Minnesota? The answer may not be what you expect from a professional window washer. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows 

There are many factors that go into that answer, but we have a straightforward answer too. In optimal circumstances, the outside windows of a commercial building should be cleaned once a month. The problem is that the optimal conditions don’t always exist, and there are plenty of reasons why you should get your Twin Cities windows washed more often. 

Outside Factors

These are some of the more common outside influences that may require you to schedule additional window cleanings

Urban Environments

Businesses in urban areas see more vehicle and foot traffic which tends to kick up more dust and debris. They are also more susceptible to vandalism which may lead to an emergency window cleaning. 

Businesses Near Main Throughways

Businesses that are neat busy roads and highways may require cleaning more often because of the dirt and exhaust released into the air by all the cars passing by. 


If a storm is particularly bad, there is no telling what kind of grime and debris it will throw around. A good cleaning after a storm will eliminate anything stuck to the windows, but it will also allow your window washer to get up close and inspect the windows for any damage you may not have noticed from a cursory glance. 

Nearby Construction

Any kind of construction tosses around all kinds of dust, dirt, and debris. No matter if it is road construction or a building being built in your area, it is likely that the whole neighborhood will have a fresh layer of dust over it. 

Special Events

Just like we want to look our best for a special event, you want your building to look its best if you are hosting a special event. Whether it is a big sale, a meeting with investors, or an event that may attract potential clients, you want your business to put its best face forward with a clean exterior. 

Seasonal Changes

You may find that your windows need extra care when the seasons change. This is especially true in Minnesota, where we experience all four seasons to extremes. Spring and Summer are the main culprits when the snow melts and leaves behind excess dirt, and the pollen starts flying around and getting stuck on your windows and in the window seals. 

Who Should Clean Your Windows?

Now you know how often your windows should be washed, but who should do it? It is essential that you hire a professional to clean your windows. A St. Paul professional window washer knows the area and what it takes to give your business windows a streak-free shine. Doing it yourself may sound like a good idea, but professional window washers have unique skills that will keep your windows looking and performing better for longer. 

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