6 Things Your Woodbury Window Washer Wants You to Know

You enter a mutually beneficial partnership when you hire a professional window cleaner. Like with most business partners, you want to know that you can trust each other to hold up your end of the bargain. If you are looking for a Woodbury window cleaner, these are some things your window washer wants you to know.

It’s More Than Just Soap and Water

Professional window washers come equipped with more than just soap and water to do the job. They have various tools that combine to leave a streak-free shine that leaves your business’ windows looking great. Perhaps more important is that we bring experience that others don’t have. Years in the business give us a unique viewpoint that allows us to do a better job and give your business the best presentation possible.

It’s a Tough Job, But Somebody Has to Do It

Some businesses believe they can have an in-house employee wash the windows for them, but that is not advised for several reasons. First, an employee doesn’t have the experience to ensure the windows are spotless, and they likely don’t care as much as we do. Secondly, window washing is a challenging job that requires a lot of physical labor and working on ladders which can be dangerous, and you may not have the right insurance to cover an accident. We are insured to work up to two stories so you are covered in case of an accident and we can work on the roof if we need to.

We Take Pride in Our Work

Window washing isn’t just a job; it’s an art form. It requires skills and techniques that not everyone has, and window washers take pride in their work for your business. When cleaning your windows, they aim to leave them looking spotless in a timely manner that doesn’t interrupt your business. They take pride in walking away from every job with you being happy with how your building looks.

We Catch Problems Others Miss

One of the most valuable skills of a window washer is catching issues with your windows that people may miss because they aren’t getting as close to the windows. Problems like chips, cracks, leaks, torn screens, and bad seals are all noticeable up close, and we will inform you of minor problems before they become major ones. In some cases, we may be able to help you fix problems on the same day.

We’re Not Afraid of a Little Travel

Not all window washers are willing to travel outside their home area, but the Great Squeegee will travel within a reasonable distance. We may be a Woodbury MN window washer, but we wouldn’t be mad if someone called us a Plymouth MN window washer, or anywhere in between in the upper Twin Cities area.

We Don’t Only Wash Windows

Window washing in Woodbury MN, isn’t the only thing we do. We offer a suite of services to keep any business owner proud of their exterior. We offer services like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, skylight cleaning, screen repair, and mirror cleaning. If our insurance allows it, we can do it, and you will love how your business looks when we’re done.

Now You Know

Now that you know how much your Woodbury MN window washer loves their job, it’s time to see how great they are at it. If your building’s exterior can use some care and attention, reach out to The Great Squeegee to get your exterior shining again. Mention this blog for a 10% discount, and don’t let your preferred time slot fill up; contact us now and start enjoying the benefits of professionally cleaned windows.